A Giant Loss

John carney is upset after missing two field goals against the Eagles

44 year-old Kicker John Carney is upset after missing two field goals against the Eagles

The Giants have an early exit from the Playoffs as they lose to the Philadelphia Eagles today 23-11.  They’ll have to wait till next year for a shot at winning the Super Bowl.  It was a great season for Big Blue they just came up short.  Feel free to leave comment. -J.M.


Eli Manning: The Easygoing Mann

When the New York Giants traded for Eli Manning in the 2004 NFL Draft many questioned his ability to lead an NFL team. He was thought of as being too passive, and many felt he was an inadequate leader lacking the ability to control his teammates. Most people failed to realize  he was only 23 years old and wasn’t ready for life in the big city.  That young man was a sheep thrown into a pack of media wolves.

Of course he was awkward. Expectations of his abilities were through the roof. Everyone wanted him to be his brother Peyton or even be as good as his father Archie. No one wanted him to be Easy Eli. Till this day when you see Eli speaking with the media he doesn’t seem comfortable with them. In fact, he looks quite agitated during interviews.

This city is filled with a huge amount of frenzy. Can you even live in this city and clear think? I’m sorry, think clear. Well you see that’s just what he was going through.

Now things have changed. His success has erased all doubt. Easy Eli, that easygoing young man evolved into an indisputable leader right in front of our eyes during last years playoffs. We all saw Eli lead the team when it mattered most. He provided the Giants with a flawless performance during that miraculous Super Bowl championship run.

Eli has learned to separate matters that occur on the field from the commotion that take place off of it. This Sunday at the Meadowlands the Eagles had better be prepared because Eli won’t be rattled. Sure he’s not Peyton and of course he’s not Archie. He doesn’t have to be, he’s Easy.

No Plax, No Problem

Plaxico Burress

Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress off the field antics have caused the New York Giants to be without their top play maker for the 2009 Playoffs. This weekend the Philadelphia Eagles are coming into town and you can bet that the Giants will be at their best and give a total team performance. Plaxico was known for his big play ability against the Eagles but the team will have to do without him. His knack for stretching the field is the biggest void in the offense. The Giants are among last in the league in passes over twenty yards or more. Yet, Big Blue is fully functional without their deep threat.

There seems to be a lot of talk of how Domenik Hixon has to step up in the place of Plaxico and perform as Plaxico would. That isn’t the case with the G-men. The Giants are the epitome of what people would call a team. Each player including Hixon will do their part to make sure the team succeeds. Hixon isn’t Plaxico and people need to realize he’s not going to perform as Burress would. When a man is 6’5” and 220lbs with long arms he has an ability to get those balls that are sure to be out of range for a man who is 6’2” and 185lbs. Rest easy Hixon we don’t expect you to be Plaxico.

The Giant offense is a group of players who are completely unselfish, which is the reason why this team works. When they need a big play you can count on a long run by the Earth, Wind, and Fire trio. Running Backs Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw can all break one for a long run. When they need a touchdown in the red zone you can count on quarterback Eli Manning getting the ball into the hands of the 6’6” tight end Kevin Boss. Receivers Steve Smith and Hixon do their part in catching those short passes when they are thrown to. Wide Receiver Amani Toomer may not be as productive as he once was but you can count on him to make those clutch catches when they count.

The Eagles Defense will have their hands full when facing this Giant team on Sunday. They are not facing one individual player on the Giants. They are facing a team who perform as one. Therefore, No Plax, No Problem.


Eagles next. How else would we want it?

2009 NFL Playoffs
New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Giants will look for more plays like this on Sunday

Giants will look for more plays like this on Sunday.

On Sunday, January 11, 2009, the New York Giants will continue their journey toward accomplishing a goal that has been done by only a handful of teams in the NFL. That goal is to play in Tampa on February 1, 2009 and come out of that game Super Bowl champions for the second consecutive season. This goal will be no easy task by any means as the Giants first opponent will be the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

I know people are wondering about the headline “How else would we want it”. Some fans would have preferred to play the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. If the Eagles would have lost to the Vikings last weekend the Giants would have been playing the Cardinals which to many would seem the easier game. Though easier, it’s not the route the G-Men need to take to get to the Super Bowl. The Giants are known to play best when they are presented with a challenge. Would they have gotten up for the Cardinals? Hey, maybe not. Maybe the Giants could have slept and still won. Continue reading