Giants Beat Super Bowl Champion Steelers


This was an article that I wrote when I first intended to begin writing the blog but never released it. I just thought I should put it up now to remind people that we didn’t just beat them, we punished the Super Bowl Champion Steelers this past season. So here it goes:

Giants Break Through Steel

In a game that was supposed to be about Eli Manning versus Big Ben Roethlisberger the atmosphere seemed to be more about Pittsburgh’s steel curtain defense versus the big blue wrecking crew’s destructive defense.

The only highlight that stands out from Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t his 65 yard touchdown pass to Nate Washington in the third quarter, but instead the look of confusion and fear on his face in the fourth quarter. He looked like a deer with headlights shining on his face about to get hit by a pick-up truck. With the amount of times he was hit during the game it might have seemed to him like that was the case.

Roethlisberger was sacked five times and threw four interceptions as the G-men battered his confidence. Hopefully he didn’t take the hits personal because they weren’t only intended for him. There were so many hits on his teammates I think a few times I myself fell to the floor from the impact just by viewing the ferocious blows. I’m feeling pretty sore this morning and I think I might have suffered a minor concussion.

Before the game these Giants were considered overrated by some people because many felt they haven’t played quality opponents. They needed this victory to gain the respect of doubters. In the final minutes of the game Easy Eli tossed the ball into the hands of Kevin Boss for a touchdown. Once the referees arms were up signaling touchdown they earned their respect. In the end the score was Giants 21 Steelers 14. Giant’s fans you can be happy for the victory, at 6-1 we’re about four wins away from a playoff spot. It’s official, the Big Blue Wrecking Crew is back.


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