Spagnuolo Gone to Rams

Steve Spagnuolo departs to St. Louis Rams

Steve Spagnuolo, new Head Coach of St. Louis Rams

Today is a sad day for the New York Giants as they lost their Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo so that he could take a position as Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams. For the last two seasons the New York Giants have been amongst the leaders in Sacks, Fewest points against, and  total yards against. Spags is a big reason why the Big Blue D has been so Strong.

Before the Arrival of Steve Spagnuolo the New York Giants Defense was ranked 27th in the league. In 2007 during his first season he helped bring the defensive rank up to 7th in the league with his aggressive blitzing style of defense. His approach to defense was enough to help the Giants bring a Super Bowl Trophy to New York that season. This past season the defense was ranked 5th overall.

Though the Giants lost this season in the Playoffs against the Eagles they played a tough game against the Eagles. The Eagles would often start their drives in Giants territory during that game so you can’t blame the defense.

The biggest obstacle that the Giants face this off season will be to replace Spagnuolo. Giant Head Coach Tom Coughlin will have to search long and hard to find a suitable replacement for him. A loss of a mind such as Spags will be a loss to the team but he is well deserving of his new position. Good Luck Spags!! -J.M.


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