Should Pierce Be Released or Traded?


Should Antonio Pierce be released or traded? Is that even a valid question? Today while searching for Giant information over the internet I stumbled across an article from Giants Insider. The Headline immediately caught my attention as it read “Reese must release Pierce”. I am in total disagreement with their opinion. I’ve read how Pierce is too fat, too slow, and how he doesn’t get any sacks. My reply to all these comments are Zach Thomas has always been in great shape and is a Speed Demon at Linebacker. Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis is a sack Machine especially during his MVP season. That season when they beat the Giants in the Super Bowl he had a whopping 3 ½ sacks. Can you believe that? Continue reading


DeOssie Headed to Pro Bowl

Zac Deossie headed to Pro Bowl

Zac Deossie headed to Pro Bowl

It has been nearly two weeks since the New York Giants have been eliminated from the NFL Playoffs.  Many people including myself are still recovering from a Giant hangover.  I was sick. Like the time i got so drunk and woke up in the morning next to vomit and thought my dog did it. The vomit smelled like Hennessy. It was me.

Since their last game a few different things have occured, good and bad.  First the bad news Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo left the team to become Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams. The good news is the Giants have hired an In-house candidate to take over as Defensive Coordinator. That person is Linebackers Coach Bill Sheridan. He has already said he will run the same defensive system that the team had run under Spagnuolo.

More good news is that Long Snapper Zak DeOssie (son of former Giant Steve DeOssie) has been selected by NFC Head Coach Andy Reid to perform all special team snapping duties for the NFC pro bowl squad.  Giants Kicker John Carney and Punter Jeff Feagles made the squad so Andy Reid figured why mess with the chemistry in the kicking game.  The selection of DeOssie brings the total number of Giants in this years Pro Bowl to 7. -J.M.

G-Men Need To Get Bold

Anquan Boldin could be in a Giants uniform next season

Anquan Boldin could be in a Giants uniform next season

Arizona WR Anquan Boldin, who became disgruntled when the Cardinals didn’t upgrade his contract before this season and could be even more disappointed if they turn their back on him again has been linked in Giant trade talks.  People have said he can play for the Giants next year if the Giants are willing to part with a first round draft pick.  That’s not asking much for a player of his caliber.  With the looming departure of Giant WR Amani Toomer from the team, the  services of Boldin would be much needed.

We will have to wait until after Arizona’s season is over before we even have an idea of what is going to happen with Boldin.  The Arizona Cardinals are in the SuperBowl.  Boldin is surely looking forward to being with the Cardinals for at least one more game.  When the Cardinals season is over Big Blue needs to get bold and do what they need to do to get Boldin. -J.M.

Spagnuolo Gone to Rams

Steve Spagnuolo departs to St. Louis Rams

Steve Spagnuolo, new Head Coach of St. Louis Rams

Today is a sad day for the New York Giants as they lost their Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo so that he could take a position as Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams. For the last two seasons the New York Giants have been amongst the leaders in Sacks, Fewest points against, and  total yards against. Spags is a big reason why the Big Blue D has been so Strong.

Before the Arrival of Steve Spagnuolo the New York Giants Defense was ranked 27th in the league. In 2007 during his first season he helped bring the defensive rank up to 7th in the league with his aggressive blitzing style of defense. His approach to defense was enough to help the Giants bring a Super Bowl Trophy to New York that season. This past season the defense was ranked 5th overall.

Though the Giants lost this season in the Playoffs against the Eagles they played a tough game against the Eagles. The Eagles would often start their drives in Giants territory during that game so you can’t blame the defense.

The biggest obstacle that the Giants face this off season will be to replace Spagnuolo. Giant Head Coach Tom Coughlin will have to search long and hard to find a suitable replacement for him. A loss of a mind such as Spags will be a loss to the team but he is well deserving of his new position. Good Luck Spags!! -J.M.

Eli Manning: The Easygoing Mann

When the New York Giants traded for Eli Manning in the 2004 NFL Draft many questioned his ability to lead an NFL team. He was thought of as being too passive, and many felt he was an inadequate leader lacking the ability to control his teammates. Most people failed to realize  he was only 23 years old and wasn’t ready for life in the big city.  That young man was a sheep thrown into a pack of media wolves.

Of course he was awkward. Expectations of his abilities were through the roof. Everyone wanted him to be his brother Peyton or even be as good as his father Archie. No one wanted him to be Easy Eli. Till this day when you see Eli speaking with the media he doesn’t seem comfortable with them. In fact, he looks quite agitated during interviews.

This city is filled with a huge amount of frenzy. Can you even live in this city and clear think? I’m sorry, think clear. Well you see that’s just what he was going through.

Now things have changed. His success has erased all doubt. Easy Eli, that easygoing young man evolved into an indisputable leader right in front of our eyes during last years playoffs. We all saw Eli lead the team when it mattered most. He provided the Giants with a flawless performance during that miraculous Super Bowl championship run.

Eli has learned to separate matters that occur on the field from the commotion that take place off of it. This Sunday at the Meadowlands the Eagles had better be prepared because Eli won’t be rattled. Sure he’s not Peyton and of course he’s not Archie. He doesn’t have to be, he’s Easy.